Success Stories

Happy Endings!

Proud BDR adopters check in and brag on their furry family members.

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I wanted to thank you for finding our little Abe. He has only been with us for 1 week but the joy he has given to my home, my friends and family is unquantifiable.

He came to our home a skinny, anxious and timid animal that was so scared he could barely eat though he was very hungry. While he still has moments of trepidation, he has already progressed leaps and bounds simply by being loved. You organization saved this animal from what would have most likely been a death sentence. He weight 55 lbs. when we got him but a normal weight for him would be 75 to 80 lbs.

When you came to talk to us about getting a dog I didn’t understand why. After you paired us with Abe, I see exactly what you did. You made the best choice for him and us, to match us together was the best thing for both. He is perfect for us and we for him.

Thank you again for all of your hard work!

Love always,
Abe, Chris and Erin


Tinkerbell came to us as a HW positive petite girl. When her original foster ps went out of town for a weekend, her temporary fosters instantly fell in love with and decided to make her a foster failure. They saw her through her HW treatment and she has been living the good life ever since!

Cami is the jackpot of success stories. She came to us from a shelter in Indiana after her owner surrendered her in what was believed to be a medical emergency of either eating something she shouldn’t have or maybe ingesting bleach from when the owner sprayed down the shed she was living in. That’s right, she was living in a shed for most of her life.

BDR took Cami to our vet and kept an eye on her. The vet thinks she likely passed something and was fine after a couple days of fluids and monitoring. But that was just the start for Cami. She didn’t really know how to live with other dogs peacefully and needed lots of basic household manners training since she hadn’t ever lived in a home. Luckily, with the help of a grant, we were able to enroll Cami in a 2-week training program. She went back to her foster a different dog!

Things continued to look up for Cami when she found her new family. Cami now lives at the beach! From a shed in Indiana to a Florida beach house. She’s been spoiled rotten with lots of toys, a new bed, walks on the beach and, most importantly, love. Cami’s story is one we wish for every one of our dogs and we are so happy she has found her forever home!

Kai has totally blossomed in his forever home where he gets along with the baby and his new dobe sister. He continues to come into his true personality with lots of love and has become a total momma’s boy.

Penny came to us when she got booted out of the house and then became pregnant. Her adorable kittens were all long adopted and Penny was having a rough time coming out of her shell. However, she finally found her family and she has blossomed into a totally different cat and clearly the cat she was meant to be! Here are a couple updates from her family:

3/10/18: Just wanted to share some photos of Penny :) We love her so much! She is so sweet and so goofy! Her and my dog are far from being friends, but as you can see in the last photo, they can coexist just fine, most of the time :) My dog is actually more afraid of her, usually! That’s not hard to do, because Penny actually weighs twice as much as Gidget, who is a chihuahua. Penny is very rarely hiding under the bed these days and seems very happy. She better be, we spoil her! We can tell she’s happy when she’s rolling and flopping around on the ground!

My boyfriend and I were devastated when we had to put our cat to sleep last year. I thought I’d never have another cat again, I was so upset. But Penny is the absolute perfect cat for us. It’s such a joy having sweet Penny in our lives. Thank you so much for our sweet girl!

3/31/18: Just wanted to share a big moment in our house! Penny has gotten very comfortable getting on our couch these days, even with our dog on the other end. Last week, my dog was on one end of the couch with me, and Penny was on the other end. My dog carefully & sheepishly made her way over to Penny, and sat down right next to her! Penny didn’t hiss or move! We love watching as Penny really comes into her own here. Our only problem with her is that she wakes up at 4:05AM sharp, ready to play, meowing very loudly! haha. A small price to pay for such a wonderful part of our family.

4/1/18: The transformation of Penny’s personality has been so much fun to watch. I can’t believe she’s the same cat who wouldn’t come out from under the bed, though my instinct when I met her was that she was a sweetheart. We love her so much!

Rusty came to us when his elderly owner decided he deserved a better life and needed more exercise than he could give him. He was a bit shy and nervous when he came to us, but his new dad went right to work with Rusty. We also sent him to some training to get him a jump start on what he missed out on the first 9 months of his life.

Here’s what his dad says about him now: He’s doing great and gets to take many trips to the outdoors. He’s turning into quite the man as his senses develop. I think the hiking has really boosted his confidence and he enjoys it immensely. I’m glad he came to me and I could give him a good home and ability to see the world. He gets many compliments as to how handsome he is and I have to say I’m a bit jealous lol.

Thanks to his dad for adopting Rusty and good luck in life handsome boy!

Dexter came to us from a home where there were too many dogs and it was starting to strain everyone. After a wonderful foster home worked with him, he hit the jackpot with his forever family where is cherished by both humans and his new sister, who clearly adores him.

Cliff came to BDR a skinny boy, but he has thrived in his adoptive home. He has filled out to a healthy weight and has had all sorts of fun adventures. He is a well loved member of the family and we are so thankful for his dad sending us these great pics for his update!

Ozzy, Now Oban, came to us with a story and lots of love to give. We knew for some time that the Doberman breed was for us, but it wasn’t until we welcomed Oban into our home that we knew how perfect of a fit the breed would be. Oban came to us with sun-bleached fur from months chained outside to a tree, digestive issues and a solid case of dandruff. He’s now a sweet, goofy, smart and handsome guy whose fur is growing darker by the day and now enjoys coconut oil on his food every day to keep the dandruff at bay.

Oban’s new favorite past times include chasing squirrels in his backyard with his sister Addie, long walks around the neighborhood and trips to the park with Mom and Dad. He’s a quick learner who loves to please and “work”. Other dog owners enjoy when Oban goes to doggie daycare because they know their dogs will come home tired! He’s like the energizer bunny most days.

We have loved welcoming him into our home, he adds a lot of Doberman humor to our life and is a great “little” brother to Addie. We are so grateful to Bluegrass Doberman Rescue and to Oban’s foster family. They were and still are a wealth of knowledge to us and we look forward to a continued relationship in support the Bluegrass Doberman rescue! We are Doberman owners for life after experiencing the love of a Dobie.