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Are Doberman’s right for you?

Dobermans are not for everybody. The Doberman breed is a working breed that is very intelligent, active and needs stimulation to keep them from finding their own ways to entertain their mind (i.e. destructive).  They are not a dog that can live outside with their short, thin coat but also because dobes want to be with “their people”. They need to live inside and be part of the family. They are nicknamed “Velcro” because they often will follow you around the house so they can be where you are–including the bathroom! They need rules and do well when they have training to teach them the rules. However, they are also sensitive to their environment and the emotions that surround them. For this reason, separation anxiety, as well as generalized anxiety, are more common in dobes.

Are you right for a dobe? Do you have the patience to work with these behaviors if they arise? If you are, you will be rewarded with unending love from your Doberman and a wonderful companion dog.

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