Why is the application process so involved and detailed?

Almost all of our dogs are on their second, if not third or fourth, home.  These dogs can’t speak for themselves so we are their advocates to find the homes that are willing to work with and love each one of them.  We want to find their last and truly forever home. Sometimes this takes time and patience from all of us.

Once adopted, can I return my dog if it doesn’t work out?

Initially we try to work through any issues with you. However, it will be a condition of the adoption that you return your dog to BDR for any reason that entails you no longer being able to care for your Doberman. Once adoption is finalized, fees cannot be refunded.

Is there someone I can call with questions about the dog I adopted?

Absolutely! We encourage people to come to us with issues via email or phone call as early as possible.  Oftentimes we can give you some helpful tips to nip the issue in the bud before it gets worse.  That is one the greatest benefits of adopting a dog from a rescue; the resources of all of the people involved in the rescue’s knowledge base and experience.

Can I foster a dog before adopting?

When requested, you have up to 2 weeks to finalize the adoption. During this time, BDR will hold your adoption fee and then deposit it after 2 weeks.

Why are the adoption fees at my shelter less than BDR’s?

Rescues receive no public support money like most state or county run shelters do.  We exist solely on donations to provide care for our dogs.  Additionally, our adoption fees often do not cover all of the costs for caring for a dog.  For those that it does, any excess money is used toward the care of dogs with more involved and expensive medical needs.  BDR has no paid employees and all money goes to the care of the dogs.