About Us

Our Story

Bluegrass Doberman Rescue was formed to provide a needed service to the Doberman rescue community based in the state of Kentucky.  Although the rescue itself was just formed in 2017, the volunteers behind it have over 10 years of experience in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming Dobermans.  We are committed to helping purebred Dobermans find their forever homes, as well as educating the public about this often misunderstood breed.  We understand that not everyone can own a Doberman, but we are also here to provide support to those who do.  We believe this rescue should be a cooperative effort between all volunteers and a collaborative effort between rescues to help this wonderful breed of dogs we all love.

Board Members


Melissa Whittaker

President, Board of Directors

Dobe mom to Forest, Winnie and Arthur


James Dress

Board of Directors

Dobe dad to Gator and Jayda



Stephanie Lennon

Vice President, Board of Directors

Dobe mom to Joey and Dutchess


Rebecca Burcham

Board of Directors

Dobe mom to Clancy, Lark and honorary dobe Hermes


Anne Vetter

Secretary, Board of Directors

Dobe mom to Kane and Emma


Glo Cleary


Dobe mom to Daisy