Adoption Guidelines/Fence Policy

Adoption Guidelines

  •  All current pets must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines.
  • All dogs must be on Heartworm preventative.
  • All dog must be inside dogs only.

BDR reserves the right to adopt our dogs to families with children over the age of 8 years old provided we have a dog that is a suitable match for children.  We may consider adopting to families with younger children if we have a dog that we know has successfully lived with a family that has children of that age. 

Here at BDR, we do not have each of our animals evaluated by a behaviorist or trainer. Therefore, we cannot provide information supporting if they would be good dogs for Emotional Support Animals or Service Dogs.


Fence Policy

A fence is required to adopt most dogs from BDR.  A secure physical fence, that is adjacent to the home and fenced on all sides, is preferred. Invisible fence will be considered, some exceptions do apply but will be judged on an individual dog basis. BDR will not adopt to a home using a doggy door with invisible fence.  Nor will BDR adopt to a home where invisible fence is used near a busy road.

BDR reserves the right to require a fenced yard for specific dogs in our care.

Only mature, settled dogs will be considered for homes without a fenced in yard.

We do not allow dogs to be adopted to homes that perimeter train.

Tie outs, dog runs and kennels are not acceptable forms of fencing.

BDR will not make exceptions to the above policy based on a large yard, acreage or farmland.  The entire property does not have to be fenced in, just a portion large enough for play and potty trips.