Ziggy is an all natural (ears and tails) female Doberman.

You can call me Ziggy, Ziggy Zag, or Zippty Ziggy Zag because I will answer to any of these.  My foster mom gave me the extra names because I’m always zipping all over the place.  She says that I am an exuberant Doberman, whatever that means.

I came into rescue a few weeks ago and have been hanging out with other Dobermans on a large farm and some new humans.  Sometimes new humans coming into the home scare me.  I like to bark and make sure that everyone knows that I’m on the watch.  My tail is wagging while my mouth is talking and saying hello in a unique way.

My former family got divorced and no longer had time for me.  I’m 16 months old and as you can see,  I am an all naturalDoberman.  My tail is kinda fun to chew on and wave around in the air to show off to anyone who wants to see.  Other dogs and I get along really well.  I do chase cats and haven’t caught on yet.  If you have a dog savvy cat, maybe I can learn to behave better around them.  

And I love kids.  They love me and when they’re my size, I do get a little excited and twirl around. I might knock one down, unintentionally.  I would never hurt them.  I forget how big and strong I am.  

I am good on a leash, love car rides and have learned to sit and wait for my dinner and treats.  My former family took me through obedience school and frankly, I could use a refresher course and be taught personal space boundaries.  I really, really, really love to curl up on a human’s lap and sleep.  I know how to sleep in a crate as well.   Housebreaking me has been a challenge.  I think I finally showed my foster mom how it works.  

My ideal family would want to take me places and do things with me.  I want to see the world!! If they worked and taught me how to do either agility or catch a ball, or frisbee, I am down with that.  I need a good bit of exercise and have great recall off-leash.  I want to run, run, run and then play, play, play. 

Remember, I’m still a youngster who has a lot of things to learn and a lot of love to give. I will need a fenced in yard to help get some of my energy out.