Update: Winthrop has been in his foster home for a bit and is doing well. He’s super playful but snuggles too…he’s a smart little guy. He goes into his kennel on command. He’s looking for someone to spend some one on one time with him, though he does get along with other dogs and cats. He is a super sweet boy.

Winthrop was born 6/3/22 and didn’t have the best start in life.  His Mom must not have been ready to be a Mommy dog because she ended up picking him up by his head and shaking him.  This has caused some neurological issues but has not damped his spirit.

Winthrop is a lovable pup that doesn’t know he is slightly special.  It does not stop him from running and playing, basically acting like a typical Doberman puppy.

Winthrop thinks he is a big bad Doberman in the safety of his kennel but once he meets another dog face to face he becomes a submissive little fella.  He is a little too pesty with the kitties so a no cat home is best for Winthrop.

Winthrop is still working on potty training but we are confident he will learn this quickly.

He will do best with older children and would thrive with a family that will do obedience training to help him become a well-rounded Doberman.