Winthrop is a super sweet, super cute 1 year old guy (born 6/3/22) that gets along w/other dogs and people, even if it doesn’t sound like it at first, it just takes a minute.  He is a “special” guy, but doesn’t know it.  He just lives life w/a smile on his face.  His Momma must not have been ready to be a mother because she picked him up by the head and shook him.  This has caused him to have some neurological issues and some quirkiness, but he still has a bounding zest for life.  Literally.  He will playfully bound off the couch or bed with joy when playing w/his foster brothers.  Bound across the threshold of the door, because that’s fun!  He either bounces or prances or sneaky tippy taps or has a lovely extended trot wherever he goes.  Also due to his neurological issues, intentional movements and body control are hard and as a result he bumps into things, falls over (when trying to scratch), flails around a bit, weaves and leans (even more than the typical doberlean).  While all the above can make for some super cute antics it can also make for some hazardous conditions for young children or anyone suffering from their own stability issues. 
Winthrop knows sit (although sometimes he forgets which end is supposed to be on the floor), wait, go to your room (for going to his kennel), and is working on lay down (he knows it but, gets squirrel brained) and leash manners.  Winthrop is a little vocally bossy and will tell you how it is or how he thinks it is in that quirky brain of his.  He can get a little extra about it.  Meeting people and dogs, car rides, and people or dogs coming near his crate triggers this little quirk of his and he would benefit with work with a trainer or behaviorist to help him be a better version of himself.
Winthrop loves to cuddle, but it takes him a minute to find that perfect spot.  He loves a good chew bone and a Kong filled with yogurt.  He loves to wrestle and snuggle w/his foster brothers and will pass toys back and forth between them.
Winthrop is like a little Weeble, Leaping Larry, Dobby The House Elf, Sid The Sloth, Tigger, Wreck It Ralph, Jim Carey all rolled into one and all he wants is a sweet loving family w/a fenced in yard and a pillow on a bed or couch to prop himself up on.