Vivian is a young fawn girl – estimated to be around 2 or 3 years old.    She is extremely sweet, loves to cuddle and be with her people.   She is the true testament of a velcro dog as she never wants to be far from you.    She gets along with both male and female dogs and is playful and tolerant of one of her bossy foster brothers.    She is too interested in the cats at her foster home, so a home without cats is needed.    She has an endearing personality and every time she curls up to go to sleep, she will purr like a cat until she is fully asleep.    If you wake her up, the “purring” starts all over again.     She was found as a stray so her background is unknown.   She was very underweight when found, so she has a way to go before being at a healthy weight.    She is being fed a grain free diet along with fish oil to help regrow her coat since she has some sparse hair from her previous life.  Until her coat fully grows back, she needs a sweater or a coat in the house to stay warm.    She is working on her house training and learning inside house manners.   She is very food motivated so she has been easy to teach “leave it” and “sit”.   She loves to cuddle on the couch with you and sleep under the covers at night.