Toby is about a year old or less.  He was tied outside when his family moved and left him behind.  A kind neighbor took Toby in but the older male dog of the household wasn’t too happy about having a young pup trying to play with him.
Toby was quite thin but between the neighbor and our foster he is gaining weight and looking like he feels much better to be somewhere he is loved and not abandoned.
Toby likes to play with other dogs, but like any pup plays a bit rough and doesn’t know his own size.  He also loves to play with any toy you are willing to throw for him.
He also loves to be by your side for pettings, he will stay there as long as you are willing to keep petting him!
Toby had one accident in the house the first day he arrived at his foster home but since then he has made it outside to potty.  Stays in a crate at night and has a few complaints at first but then settles in nicely.
Toby needs a family that will show him what true love is and that not everyone will leave him behind.