Toby, born 3/23/23, came to rescue for an all too familiar reason.  A family got a puppy thinking the older dogs would like having younger puppy energy in the house but they rarely do.
Toby is the typical velcro boy, always wants to be touching you. He is crate and house trained. Loves his toys and so far doesn’t destroy the stuffed ones.
Toby knows basic obedience commands and does well with leash walking.  However he can be a bit timid on his walks so he needs to be shown the world isn’t so scary.
Toby loves to play with other dogs, maybe a bit too rough sometimes so he needs to be supervised.  If you have a dog savvy kitty he will be ok with that but if kitty runs so will Toby.  A game of chase is only fun for the dog, not the cat.
Toby tends to feed off the energy in the household—whether it’s another young energetic dog or young children.  For the safety and sanity of the whole family, maybe not best suited for a family with very young kids.
Toby will need a home with a physically fenced yard.