Tinkerbell is such a adorable tiny little red girl you can’t help to love her right away. Expressive big eyes that draw you in.
Tinkerbell is about a year old (if even that old) and has already had a litter of puppies. But those days are over for this tiny beauty. Unfortunately her owners didn’t take the time to make sure she was on heartworm preventative so she ended up being heartworm positive. Tinkerbell will go through her treatment and then get spayed.

Tinkerbell loves all dogs, cats and people she meets. She also is a great watch dog, you can’t believe such a big bark comes from such a small dobie girl!

Tinkerbell is crate and house trained. She loves to go on walks and meet new people and see new places.
She will need a home with a physically fenced in yard.

Tinkerbell will fit right in any household and will be a fun addition to your family.
Since she is going through heartworm treatment, Tinkerbell will not be ready for adoption until September. However if you are interested in her she can have visitors while she is going through treatment. Please submit an application if interested.