Meet Tia. She is about 2 years old and all natural with full tail and all natural, adorable ears. Tia has the cutest snaggletooth/toothless smile with the most precious ears like dumbo. She is a very special girl who is going to need a patient owner/family with gentle hands. She is easily startled & quite frightened of new environments and people. This may be a work in progress for the rest of her life. Although she takes time to warm up to people, once she does get comfortable with you she turns into the silliest, most playful pup! Tia tends to warm up to females a lot faster than men.

Tia’s love language is food and other dogs. When other dogs are around, she is a lot more confident than when she’s on her own. For this reason we would recommend she goes to a home with at least one other dog. Tia doesn’t have a single aggressive bone in her body even when she is cowering in fear. She has been exposed to kids and was friendly, but was quite scared of them.

Tia is the type of dog that thrives off of structure and a schedule. It would be in her best interest to continue to be crated wherever she goes quite often. This is because with her fear and insecurities she does not know what to do with herself when offered too much freedom and ends up even more filled with fear.

Unfortunately Tia is not your typical dog that will be able to start going on walks and learning new skills on day one wherever she goes. She will need time to build a bond and learn to trust her new owner/family for as long as it takes before getting into any formalized obedience training or even going on walks. She gets overwhelmed very easily and this is why it is vital she goes to an understanding home that will be patient, gentle and loving,

Tia will require a physically fenced yard and a dog family member in her new home.