This handsome blue boy is Thor, a 5 year old sweetheart.  Very tall and sometimes Thor forgets just how big he is.  Like most dobies he loves his people and wants to be with them all the time.  A long walk will be a great way to start the day with this dobie boy.
Thor is crate trained and it's a good tool for him since he can get bored and get into stuff he shouldn't.
Thor's favorite game is fetch, will play for hours if you are up for it.
Obedience training is a must for Thor.  He knows a few commands, especially if you have a yummy treat for incentive. Thor really wants to please his people.
Thor lives around kitties that are very dog savvy so they do not give him a reason to chase.  A younger cat that isn't so used to dogs may prove to be a fun game for Thor.
Thor loves people so much he would prefer to be an only dog or to live with a female that isn't going to pay him much attention.  No home with a male dog or a dominant female will be considered for adoption of Thor.