When you first meet Rupert your reaction is what a cute dobie and look at the adorable way he tilts his head.  He also might be overly excited and bark loudly.  The reason is Rupert can’t hear himself barking.  Yes, he is deaf.  But that doesn’t slow this youngster down.  We believe Rupert to be around a year or two old, was found stray so we don’t know for sure.  He acts all puppy in his playful and energetic ways.  Uses his big dobie feet to slap at things he wants to play with like you, another dog or a kitty.  For this reason, a home with cats or small children is not going to be ideal for Rupert. Rupert has done fine with other dogs but because he cannot hear when another dog has had enough of his puppy play, he will need to be supervised around all dogs until they understand his special needs. Rupert is a curious boy and loves a car ride so he can watch out the window at all the fascinating things out in the world.