Perry is one sweet, beautiful blue boy! He is house trained and calm, cool and collected when left to “guard the house” for the day. He loves to go for walks and behaves quite well on a leash. He made a great jogging partner for those that want one. He listens to command even when excited and saying he is loyal to the human he loves most is an understatment.
Perry was patient and loving with the rambunctious and bossy 14lb mix breed puppy in his foster home. He allowed her to play with him, borrow his bones and wake him up at all hours and never showed agression, just affection! He is also doing well with larger dogs, including a female dobe in his new foster home.
Perry knows: Sit, Come, Stay, Lay down, go to your bed and never counter surfs (He might sneak a peek but never goes for it!). He is well mannered with new people and during his humans dinner times.
Perry is blind in his right eye, but don’t think that slows him down. Other than the occasional bumping in to a wall or table, you would never know it!