Peewee is an adorable black Doberman on the smaller side at ~60 lbs. He is estimated to be between five and seven years old.

Peewee is the typical curious velcro Doberman.  He enjoys chasing squirrels, resting on the couch, eating, chewing on nylabones, and going for walks.  He is house and crate trained and gets along well with female Doberman at his foster home although is not super playful with her.   

He knows how to sit, down, and has great recall.  Although he does love his walks, Peewee will need a refresher course on leash manners.

Peewee does get very attached to his family and can be protective of them.  He will need a doberman (or similar working breed) experienced owner.  He needs to be properly introduced to anyone he perceives as a stranger coming into his home.  Peewee will be well suited for a family that doesn’t have children living with them or visiting.  He prefers a home without a lot of activity going on during the day.  

A physical fence is a must for Peewee.