PeeWee is a hoot. First,  he looks like Sally Field in The Flying Nun, And as he loves to run like the wind, we wonder if he will someday lift off. He is obsessed with creams and lotions. The minute you go to put something on your skin PeeWee will be there wanting you to share it with him. He is super dog friendly; even the obnoxious bulldog in his foster home doesn’t upset him.  Peewee eats politely in the kitchen with his doggy cohorts and has learned to come get snacks of the end of a spoon or fork from his foster mom.
PeeWee’s name is a bit of a puzzle. He’s not the biggest boy we’ve had in our rescue but he’s not the smallest, either. He is tall but thin and weighs 60 some pounds.
Peewee gets along beautifully with both male and female dogs, but we really don’t think it would matter to him whether he lives with other dogs or in a single-dog family. He can climb low fences so a family that leash walks, or even better runs, would be ideal for him. One of his cutest quirks is heeling–inside the house!

Peewee is an adorable black Doberman on the smaller side at ~60 lbs. He is estimated to be between 3-4 years old.

Peewee is the typical curious velcro Doberman.  He enjoys chasing squirrels, resting on the couch, eating, chewing on nylabones, and going for walks.  He is house and crate trained and gets along well with female Doberman at his foster home although is not super playful with her.   

He knows how to sit, down, and has great recall.  Although he does love his walks, Peewee will need a refresher course on leash manners. He would be best in a home without small children.