Peaches joined our rescue because she was returned to her breeder and from the way Peaches acts, it doesn’t appear she got very much attention from her owner.  She loves people once she knows you are safe.  Not a mean bone in her body, but she is fearful of strangers and loud noises.  For this reason we do not believe she will do well in an environment with young children.
Peaches is in a foster home with other dobies, males and female.  She is fine with them all but does not like her personal space being invaded without her permission.  We don’t believe Peaches was allowed to have much of her own so once she is in her “safe spot” she can get a slight bit snarky but that is only a warning to other dogs.  When she is out and about she is fine with everyone.  Even ignores the household cats!
Peaches is crate and house trained.  Likes to go on walks but in a quiet neighborhood, not too found of a lot of loud cars and other outside noises.
Since Peaches is still so shy we are still getting to know her, but we expect she will come out of her shell and blossom into a wonderful pet for someone.  For now she needs time and patience to become her true self.
Peaches was born on April 28th, 2014.