Meet Ozzy! This sweet and spunky 9 month old doberpup would be a happy addition to almost any home. He wakes up ready and willing to give sweet doberkisses. He knows the doberlean very well, when you rub his little head or scratch his ears he leans his head into your tummy with gratitude. From his ready to love disposition, you’d never know this happy, social and tender little boy was ever tied to a tree for 5 months of his life. We have found Ozzy to be receptive to any new medium to large sized dog with no fussiness. We have not small dog tested him. One of his favorite things is new friends and he doesn’t meet a stranger. He doesn’t say much with his voice but his sweet expressive face lets you know exactly what he is thinking and most of the time he has that tell-tale eager dobersmile. This polite little soul gives the right of way to our 2 year old male Doberman & plays with anyone he encounters. He does appear to take social queues pretty well so when they are done and a pup tells him to back off then he does. Ozzy has not been tested with soft toys but he loves bones and kong type toys. He sleeps in a crate because he is still learning bathroom etiquette but he is a quick study. He isn’t excited about the crate but doesn’t complain about being in one. We have not kid or cat tested him. If you’re looking for a spot of sunshine in your day then you should consider adding this lovely little non-human person to your pack!