Ollie is a 2 year old black/tan boy  that has a docked tail and natural ears.   He has had a rough start, but is learning how life can be different!   He is a timid/shy boy that takes a little time to warm up to you but once he does – he is the typical velcro dobie that we all know and love.  He was surrendered to a KY animal shelter and quickly became the favorite of the staff. They loved him enough to contact our group to help place him in an appropriate home.  He was very scared and shut down at the shelter so the staff helped him by letting him spend the day with them in the front office. Some of the staff even took him home at night to give him a break from the shelter noise and chaos.
He gets along with other dogs but does not know how to play yet.   He is curious when his foster brother play-bows to him – but he quickly gets overwhelmed and will run and hide. Two other foster siblings have told him to stay away – which he does without any negative response. He has met the outside resident kitties – which he sniffed curiously and then walked away. Neither cat ran from him – so we don’t know if he would attempt to chase them if they did run.
He will need a secure fenced in area until he forms a bond with his family – otherwise – he will run and hide if you walk towards him. He will even drop flat on the ground if you walk up to him with something in your hand. Life was probably not good to him at some point. However, in his foster home, he is quickly warming up to life with sleeping on a bed, lots of pets and cuddles, and reassurance that life will be better from here forward.
When he came to the shelter – he would not walk on a leash. Since he has been in foster he is learning that a leash is not such a bad thing – and will walk along with you – with gentle encouragement. Loud noises are scary – so positive reinforcement and praise will be the key with him.  He does not know any obedience commands so far.
We have been told by the shelter staff that he will counter surf if food is left out – so, until he learns that counters are off limits for him – food is best put out of reach of him.   And since he is so tall – the counter is the perfect height for him!
So far, he seems to be housebroken – and no accidents or attempts to mark in the house. He will softly whine when he wants to go outside.
He is up to date on his vaccines, heartworm negative and has recently been neutered. He is very laid back/low energy for a young boy and would do fine as an only dog – or to have a confident/easy going sibling.  He would also probably do best in a more calm/quiet household.