Looking for a three time National Agility Champion? Look no further.

Ok, I’m not an ACTUAL agility champion, but the potential is there.

I lied again. The truth is…I can barely run without tripping over my own paws. But what I lack in grace, I make up for in looks. Everyone says I am such a handsome boy. 

I was found in the middle of an intersection along with my sister, Nala. I was so afraid, but luckily for us a nice pedestrian picked us up and the rest is history. 

I know what you’re thinking – I’m the perfect dog. But I do have a few minor inconveniences. For starters, I often run right smack into glass doors. I just can’t see the glass and it gets me every time. I’m also not a big fan of those weird little night stalkers, also known as cats. There is something fishy with those things. 

Now back to the good stuff. I’m 3 years old and I LOVE people – even kids! I would just suggest no kids younger than 8 because of my unfortunate clumsiness. I get along with some dogs, but only if they like to wrestle. Oh, I’m even crate trained AND housebroken. 

Do you think we could be a match? Come on, I’m too handsome to be homeless.

Oliver will need a physically fenced yard.8