Whats better than a doberman’s love? How about a little extra doberman love! This is Nikki and she definitely has that little extra. She is a 3 year old love bug. Need an your face cleaned? She has you covered. Other dogs in your home need their ears cleaned? She has them covered also. Nikki would spend all day licking and loving on you, but every good relationship is give and take so she will let you rub her for half the day. You know, just so you don’t feel guilty!

Nikki does well with other dogs but would be best with another larger dog. She has been cat tested and it would be best she does not enter a home with cats or other small fast moving critters. The urge to chase is strong with her. She walks well on a leash and knows basic commands. She does not pull on the leash but if she sees a squirrel then you will discover how strong she is. She has not been kid tested. She is a very, very good watch dog though. Nothing is going to enter her territory or around her pack with her warning you.

Nikki has been brought up to date with all vaccinations and is heartworm negative. She passed her exams with flying colors. Nikki does have a resolution that many of us share this time of year. She is currently 96 pounds and is working to reduce her weight. She also has an incontinence issue that is being treated with Proin. Despite her weight she is very agile and playful. She loves to play fetch with a ball, play tug-o-war with a rope, or chase her foster brother around showering him with kisses until he jumps up on a piece of
furniture that she cannot yet climb on.

We have had Nikki a short time and she is an absolute joy. She was loved by her previous family and it shows in her personality. She is a happy girl who is enjoying her new diet and exercise routine. She is 3 pounds lighter already and everyday is a discovery for her of more things she can do. She is crate trained, house trained, and rides very well in a car. She and her foster brother have free roam of the home and she has caused no damage. Open your home to her and you will never again feel you falling short of kisses or love given to you.