This adorable petite Doberman is Miranda.  Born 10/17/17 in Mexico and when she came to live in the US she was left outside in a pen with little socialization with people.  This has made Miranda a bit skittish around people but she is trying hard to learn to trust.  Never any aggression just fearful and will freeze up.  But she is overcoming this every day with all the new people she is encountering.

Unfortunately since she was left outside Miranda is heartworm positive.  She is starting her treatment now and will be ready for adoption in July.

Miranda loves all dogs and is cat friendly.  She is crate trained and would prefer to hide in there all day so we are closing off the crate and making her face the world head on.  Still working on her house training but doing well learning.

Miranda will not take a treat from you but if you put it in front of her she will eat it right up.  Same with a toy, she will not take on but has no problem stealing a whole pile of the from the doggy toy box.  Loves to play with her rope toy until it is in many pieces!

This beautiful little Senorita will make for a wonderful addition to any family that is willing to take the time to let her trust.

Small children will not be a good fit since they can make a lot of noise and be unpredictable.  Miranda needs a calmer stable home environment.

Miranda will only be adopted out to a home with a physically fenced yard.