Maleen, born April 15,2023, has the sweetest personality and desires to please her family. Super intelligent, learning so much that her foster Mom is teaching.  In a short time Maleen has learned many commands and is wonderful with her leash walking.  Maleen with thrive with any obedience class she is in, and let’s face it the Dobermans are always top of the class!

Maleen loves car rides, a perfect passenger. Excellent house manners too, only wants to play with her toys. Maleen does ok in her crate but doesn’t like to be left in there for long periods but this is also being worked on by her foster Mom.Maleen was clearly loved by her original owners but didn’t get much guidance from them but she is learning fast.Maleen does well with other dogs but does like to play hard.  She met some cats briefly and didn’t seem to react but being a curious puppy more than likely they will be fun to chase.Maleen needs an active family that will be around a lot to continue with her training.  She won’t do well with anyone that has to be away from home all day due to work.  We will require a physical fence for Maleen.