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The pictures tell the story of an underweight girl with some itchy skin, but as with all pictures they don't tell the whole, wonderful story. This is our Madonna, a SUPER sweet, former baby mamma who has come to Bluegrass with the dream of finding the perfect family.  We don't think this will be hard at all. Madonna is a doll. She gets along with everyone and is the Walmart greeter of her foster home. She is nearly potty trained and goes in her crate like an angel, where she settles down all night.  She is tall and lanky, but needs to gain a few more pounds to top out at 78 or so. Her unfortunate living conditions before she came to us caused some yeast to go a bit crazy on her, but a few medicated baths later and she is no longer itchy, and her hair growth shows she will have a glorious red coat very soon. She is estimated to be around 4.

In addition to her skin issues, she is missing her foot on her back left leg, which appears to be congenital. She does intermittently put it down vs hold it and hop without it.  It does not appear to cause her pain but it will keep her from being a jogging partner.

Our Lady Madonna won't have any more children now but with her sweet demeanor we are sure she was a doting mom in the past.  She is a quick study; in just a few days in her foster home she has learned the routine and fits in perfectly with the pack.  Madonna loves to sing and push your hand for a pet when she needs one.  She curls up with her two dobie siblings and a pushy bulldog girl, who is quickly becoming her best friend. She wasn't quite sure what a stuffed toy was but she is starting to learn that they are a dobie necessity. Madonna rides nicely and quietly in the car and is ready for her next trip to the drive-thru.

Unfortunately after her arrival to us, Madonna tested heartworm positive so will now need to complete this treatment before adoption. This takes about 3-4 months which makes her available around end of May/June. However, if you are interested in meeting her before then, we are happy to arrange that so that she can have a home lined up and ready when she’s finished with her treatment.