Are you looking for a more mature dobie that is a quiet companion but still has plenty of spunk to play in the yard and take a short walk?  Then Louise is your gal!  She is estimated to be about 13 years old.

Louise was found stray almost 9 years ago and the person that found her thought her to be about 2 or 4 at the time.  She was spayed at that time but kept as an outside dog.

About 3 years ago Louise had her front leg amputated but she gets around just fine.  Can still get into dobie mischief if she so chooses!

Louise is cat and all dog friendly.  She is a bit grumpy with other dogs if there is food around (dog or people food) but the Dobies in her foster home have figured out she is all talk and won’t follow through on any of her doggie snarls.

Loves all the people she has met, has the typical Doberman lean when you pet her.  Louise is crate trained and house trained but you do have to watch for her subtle signs that she needs to go outside.  For being an outside dog her whole life she has adjusted to being an inside dog very quickly.

Louise is heartworm positive but because of her age we are opting (with vet supervision) to keep her on monthly preventative and antibiotics.  This will not prevent her from being ready for her new home right away.

Due to her age and the fact she is heartworm positive, Louise’s adoption donation fee has been reduced to $100.  We are searching for a family that can love and care for her and spoil her rotten for the rest of her days.