Do you like waking up to wet Doberman kisses and ready to start playing as soon as the alarm goes off? Well. Lincoln hopes that you’re an early riser, just like he is! This pocket-sized Doberman Pinscher is around a year old and enjoys being with his peeps all day long, whether you’re brushing your teeth, cleaning the garage, making a pizza run or watching The Tonight Show. He’ll also follow you from room to room and assist in dish washing (cleaning plates) and help with the laundry (unfolding it).

His story started out sad, but has a happy ending. On one of the coldest days in late January, his owners abandoned him at a dog park and a Good Samaritan took him home to give him a warm meal and soft place to lay his head. They called us and we were able to take him into rescue. While in that home, he was exposed to kids, small dogs and even cats. Lincoln accepted everything that came is way.

He was recently neutered and is a bit underweight. Lincoln has a hearty appetite and also a bit of a sensitive stomach. At present, he’s on antibiotics and probiotics to get his little belly feeling better.

Another little quirk is that since he’s been starved, he can be a counter surfer if his nose gets a whiff of a nice ham and cheese sandwich. He is good when left alone, crate trained and doing his best to become housebroken.
Lincoln has lots of puppy energy and would love another dog or a family to play with him. He doesn’t know a stranger and is learning some basic obedience, on top of what he already knows (sit, come, down). He will also need someone with patience and assistance in housebreaking. Lincoln thinks his cute looks make up for any accidents that he has in the house! For a young dog, he listens really well and with a new owner committed to work on the housebreaking, he will become the star pupil!