Beautiful Layla is 8 months old and ALL puppy. Purchased as a little tyke by a family that did not truly understand the Doberman breed, they soon found out she was more dog than they were able to handle.
Layla loves her people once she knows them, but she needs someone to help build her confidence because meeting new people can be scary for her. She will bark at new people or dogs just to warn everyone that she isn’t sure about them.
Layla lived with another dog and cats but out of boredom she decided the cats were fun to chase and the resident dog was fun to play with too rough and he was not amused. Layla will need a structured home that is committed to training.
Since she is a very bouncy large puppy she will not be suited for a home with young children.

We are looking for a doberman (or similar working breed) experienced, active family. A physically fenced in yard is an ABSOLUTE requirement.

We are always happy to discuss any of our dogs with potential adopters. Keep in mind that some of our dogs we know need an extra special committed new family. Layla is definitely one of those dobies.

Layla’s new home MUST have a physically fenced yard, and a family that has the time to devote to her continued training and her exercise needs so she will mature into a wonderful companion.

Layla may not work for every family but we always have plenty of other dobies who may be a better fit and deserve just as much love.

All of our dogs are in foster homes and are available to meet by appointment only and only after an application has been completed.