My name is Kip and I am from a shelter in South Carolina. I was a little thin when I arrived but I am nearing my ideal weight of ~75lbs. I am a super sweet, snugly, wonderful, happy, loving ~4year old natural eared blue Doberman with a laid back temperament, except when it comes to squirrels. I get along with other large dogs and currently live with a playful 1 year old dobergirl. I am not overly playful but I entertain and tolerate her. I enjoy car rides and am well-mannered in the car. I also like taking walks and walk nicely on a harness. I perk up and wag my nub when my foster family gets out the harness and leash. I love to snuggle but I can also be quite independent and will happily suck on my blanket and nap on my own. I will always need a blanket to suck on so stock up! I’m working on basic obedience (sit, down, and come) and I’m pretty food motivated. I’m housebroken and like my crate but don’t necessarily need one. I did fabulous at the vet as well. I can be afraid of new things (e.g. getting my ears cleaned, wearing a cone) and, given the opportunity of unfenced freedom, will run away. But with a little patience and high value treats, I do just fine. I am working on my dinner time manners as I like to hover over my humans as they eat but I never take their food. I’m a little too focused when meeting cats but I did well meeting new adults and kids. I am quite interested in squirrels and will run away if given the opportunity so a well-secured and maintained fence is REQUIRED and caution needed when opening doors (this can be easily trained with “wait” training each time I go through the door). As I get more settled, bonded, and practice recall, I will likely be less of a flight risk. I am not perfect (but very close ;) ) but I am move-in ready and I will make a great addition to your home!