Meet Kevin

He’s estimated to be 1-2 year old with natural ears and a docked tail.

Kevin was found as a stray by a good Samaritan around July 4th, 2021 who was kind enough to take him to the vet for some antibiotics and start to put some weight back on him. He appeared to be out alone for some time based on his weight at the time of discovery. Despite being out in the elements, he tested negative for heartworm.

Kevin didn’t get along with her other male dogs so she reached out to BDR to help find the right family and home for him.

Kevin has been doing great at his foster. He is a very loving dog. He loves to just rest his head in your hand. He’s done perfectly with house training with no accidents, and giving cues that he wants to go out. He’s a 12 hour kind of dog, winding down beside you in the evenings. He loves the morning. Even if you aren’t a morning person, you cannot deny Kevin’s love for the day, and getting to spend it with you.

Kevin’s a soulful dog. He looks deeply into your eyes wanting to form that bond. He is a bit submissive, but I think that’s also just his gentleness. He play mouths with one of the fosters who has bonded with him the most, but it has always been playful, gentle, and with excellent bite control.

While Kevin is 1-2, he still has a good degree of puppy in him as there are still a lot of things that are new to him. He continues to grow and learn everyday with a patient and gentle hand.

Obedience wise Kevin is working on sit and down. He is also working on “leave it” when sniffing at things he doesn’t need to be. During his meal time, Kevin is doing well with sitting and staying till his food has been placed. He recalls well in the yard with a hard whistle. He is also starting to get some time being in a kennel. Kevin is highly food motivated, but takes to new treats or food slowly. Once he likes them though, it’s game on! While in the beginning stages of training, he has a great household demeanor and is just wonderful to have around. He can be directed to go lay down or play with his toys so he’s developing that rather quickly.

While not a high energy dog, Kevin will get some wind sprints in the yard throughout the day, normally before a bathroom break. He also likes to go for short-average walks. For some puppy behaviors, Kevin walks excellent on the leash. His foster has said he is the best Doberman he has had to walk with, naturally walking slightly out front to beside you reacting well to slight leash pressure and verbal commands.

We believe Kevin would do best in a quiet home with a family without small children that is able to spend a good amount of time with him. A physical fenced yard will be required to give him some area to run some energy off daily. Kevin may match well with a gentle female companion, and that might actually be a good thing for him long term. Like most Dobermans, Kevin is very pack oriented and will develop strong bonds. He should be equally socialized amongst the family to help prevent separation anxiety. Kevin longs to be with his family, but as a puppy needs to learn, he needs to grow in confidence with being alone.

Kevin accompanies one of his fosters throughout most of the day. If he needs to be left unattended, he gets blocked by a baby gate in a dog safe room with an open kennel that he will rest in. He is working on kennel training and being left in the house in the kennel unattended.

All of our dogs are in foster homes and are available to meet by appointment only and only after an application has been completed. You can find the application under the Adopt tab.