Allow me the pleasure to introduce you to this loveable mature girl. This is Kaya (aka Cuda). This girl is a surprising little stick of dynamite. She, at first, just seems to be a calm little angel….and then !BAM! say hello to an unexpected bundle of energy…It’s barraCuda! She came to us a mysterious stray. Little was known about her other than she was aggressive around other dogs and she had an allergic reaction to a form of dermatitis. They also believed her to be only 2 years of age. While we have not confirmed her age, we believe her to be more around the 6 to 7 year old mark, the only thing they for sure were correct on was the dermatitis. She is not to be labelled as “dog aggressive”. She was just a scared and sensitive girl. She was not spayed when she was initially sheltered and based on observation it had been some time since she had an uncontested meal or interaction with another dog that was positive. 3 days into her foster she was no longer showing any aggression towards her big goofy red foster brother. A week into the foster she was no longer scared that her food would be taken away and in less than 2 weeks she was cuddling right next her foster brother. All she needed was a safe loving home—which we are hoping you have to provide for her.

Cuda does show signs of once being a loved member of a family as she is good on a leash, in a car, in a crate, and when left alone with free roam of the house. Cuda is a “velcro” if there ever was one and she so very much just wants to please. She is a quick learner and listens to a firm but kind pack leader. We have not found anything as of yet that scares her whether the vacuum or other loud devices. She was stated to be cat friendly though that has not been tested. A major theme with Cuda is anything is possible with her as trust is built. We don’t know what happened to her completely prior to her being rescued and so trust is a must with her. Now, one can understand up to this point why would you, though interested in Cuda, want to open your home and your heart to her. Let me tell you why! Perhaps you could let her show you how she can warm up the bean bag chair for you after a hard day of work. Maybe you are in desperate need of a door sturdiness tester. Cuda is at your service. Allow her to gently paw at the door to show you the most sturdy places, right before you open it for her to check the other side. Perhaps you forgot how much fun it would be for you to take an afternoon stroll in the neighborhood. Cuda will provide you with that ever so convincing bark that will spark that memory for you. Did you forget where your favorite ball is…she will bring it to you just in case. The list goes on and on! Do we have your attention again, good! This girl is running and jumping and active enough to wear her foster brother out completely. In just 3 short weeks this girl as come around completely from her first day and she continues to grow and explore that inner puppy she apparently was not able to be prior to her arrival with the rescue. Even if she is a mature girl she is a puppy at heart. She has so much to offer you should you open your home and heart to her. A love truly appreciated is a love returned 10 fold and this girl appreciates every moment.