Are you missing a piece of your happiness? Is there a little piece of your heart broken off from the rest? What you need is a our super strong adhesive to put it all back together…
No, this is not an advertisement for a particular “—- tape or —— glue”. This is soooo much better than anything you can find on TV or the internet. Allow me to introduce Jayda! This pretty red girl is the newest version of Velcro dobe fresh for the 2018 “Year of the dog”. She must be where you are; she must go where you will go! Once she attaches to you; she is attached.
What is that you say? That’s like every other Velcro dobe! How is Jayda different? Jayda doesn’t require you to pay attention to her and rarely does she demand it. She is happy just to be around you and included. As this girl gains more and more confidence she is further expanding her comfort level with being close but not imposing. She does not need to be on top of you at all times.
Jayda is UTD on all her vaccines and checkups. She currently has no medical issues and has not had any major issues in the medical history that we have. Jayda is 3 and a half years young, spayed, and currently on a diet to drop some of that winter fluff.
Jayda was living amongst small and large dogs in her previous home. She was also around Cats and on occasion around toddlers. She is non aggressive towards other animals (exception being squirrels), people, and does not show food or territorial aggression. She is a definite watch dog and will let you know if there is anything around. Jayda is not much on playing with toys though she will do so from time to time. This girl just wants to either be out and about in the world or napping. If you are still she naps and if you are active then you better include her. She is house trained and does well in a vehicle. She does walk on a leash but is a bit of a puller so she will need some minor work to correct that habit. Jayda was crate trained but I have yet to need to keep her crated as she is non-destructive when left at home alone.
Jayda is loving, alert, intuitive, and so eager to please! You cannot use her to fix a leaky boat but she sure can do a number to fill that emptiness or flip a bad day to a good one. All you need to do is give her a loving home and a loving touch. She will do the rest! Happy mending.