Fisher was found stray with several other dogs.  He still acts very young and puppyish so we estimate him to be 18 months old.  As you can see he is very skinny, most likely from living a life without much care.  Despite the way he looks on the inside, Fisher has a giant heart and spirit.  He loves everyone he meets and can’t get enough attention.  He has been around one female dog in his foster home and was very interested in the pretty girl.  He has had other dogs (male and female) walk by his crate but he had no reaction to them.  Once he is settling in we will test him with dogs more.  Fisher was too interested in the cats so he will be best in a no cat home.

The vet checked him over and said Fisher is a healthy boy and once he puts some weight on and in a safe loving environment, he will look as healthy as he is.

Fisher is crate trained but working on his house training.  He loves to run free in a yard and have his big floppy ears flapping in the wind!

Fisher will need someone to work on obedience training with him and also teach him some leash manners.  That is to be expected from a boy that has not had a real home or family of his own.