Ernest (Ernie as he likes to be called) steals the show whenever anyone is around him.  He is a typical red boy that thinks everyone has come to visit him.  It’s a pretty good assumption since he is such a sweet handsome fella! Ernie is 8 years old and has not had the best of luck recently but that is all changing.   He came out of a home where there were many dogs, one might even say someone was hoarding them.  We were notified of Ernie once he got to the shelter.  It was found that he is heartworm positive so we were prepared to treat this, it’s become all too common for us to run across the heartworm positive dogs.   A few days after he was neutered we noticed his back leg was swelling and Ernie wasn’t feeling too good.  After being checked out by several vets he was finally given the right medicine to get the swelling down so it could be determined what is wrong with him.  Turns out he has a torn cruciate.  The swelling was from an unknown infection and we can not treat his knee without making sure the infection is all gone. Ernie is back to feeling pretty good but still in pain from his injured knee.  We will need to get rid of the nasty heartworms before doing any type of surgery on his knee.  Both the heartworm treatment and his knee surgery will be costly for the rescue but we know this boy is worth every penny and then some. Ernie so far has loved not only ever person that he has met but also every dog and cat.  We have yet to see anything that he doesn’t get along with.  When you are petting Ernie and have the nerve to stop for a moment he will take his paw and make sure you know you need to keep petting him!  What a love bug!!! Ernie is just starting his journey with BDR.  His medical issues will most likely take 4 to 6 months to resolve so he will not be up for adoption until the summer. BDR will need all of our generous supporters to help out with his medical bills.  You can go to the homepage and click on the Donate link if you would like to make a donation to the Ernie Fund.