All too often we discard things when they are not as new or not as purposeful as they once were and replace them. Unfortunately some believe that this concept is applicable to man’s best friend. Elmer’s story is the result. At 9 years of age he was relinquished by his owner. Upon arrival this gentle soul was in rough shape. He is heartworm positive and has some abnormalities with his bloodwork results. He has an old break in his back left leg and some left over buckshot in his side. This guy has proven he is a survivor! None of those situations or conditions have touched his soul though. This ole’ boy is so loving and attentive. All he wants to do is snuggle near you and place a paw on you to let you know he is there. Between that look from his loving eyes and the touch of his paw you can almost hear him say “Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to show me I matter.” This old dog has some crafty little tricks up his sleeve for tugging on your heartstrings. We have noticed that the more he resides in a stable environment the more he is opening up and releasing his personality. He cannot yet run and he cannot yet “play” but he does the most with what he can do. He currently has 3 humans and 3 fellow Dobermans to interact with and he makes the most of it. A week into foster and he is rolling on his back in the grass, performing the all too familiar Doberman front leg play stomp, following his foster family around until attention is focused on him, and maybe most importantly he is wagging that nub of his with every interaction.

This boy has had it rough, emphasis on “had”. He is going to finish the remainder of his years in the way we are sure he always wanted…As a loving companion content to just be the focus of your attention and in return the ever loyal and admiring return of that attention. His journey is not over and in many ways is just now starting! Oh, and did we mention he loves to stalk those pesky rabbits and squirrels, making his name so very appropriate.