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Dexter is an awesome 2 year old natural ear black dobie boy. He was a stray so we do not know about his past but we know he has a great temperament. He gets along with large, small, male and female dogs. He is housebroken, knows basic commands and rides nicely in the car. It has been too cold to work on walking on a leash so more to come on that as we’re able to get him out and about. Dexter is very playful, likes to chase balls and will carry around just about any toy. He may destroy toys but that just gives you a chance to buy something new. He goes in his crate with a treat but doesn’t want to stay there if you are home, much preferring to be where his people are. He probably does not need to be crated after initial transition into his new home. Dexter will bark if someone comes to the door but is otherwise quiet, even with a squirrel looking him in the eye through the door. He is a companion dog and wants to be with his family at all times. In other words, if you go outside without him, he does whine if someone else in the house isn’t paying attention to him. He is super sweet and cuddly but doesn’t like to climb onto the furniture. He is food motivated and easy to train so will be a great dog!