How could anyone pass up that adorable red boy smile?  Dakota is certainly one happy dobie puppy!  He has just turned a year old and can’t wait to have a family of his own.

Dakota was turned into a shelter down south because his owners could no longer care for him.  A GSD rescue saved him from the shelter but knew that he would be better suited to go to a Doberman rescue, so they contacted us.

From the short time we have had Dakota we know he is full of puppy energy but eager to learn.  He already knows sit, so that is a start on his obedience training.  He is also house and crate trained.
Dakota loves to give big dobie hugs to anyone he meets, and he has yet to meet a stranger.  He is fine with all dogs but needs to live with a dog that can handle his high energy play level.  Cats are a bit too interesting for him so Dakota needs to be in a no kitty home.

We have not had him around children but because of his high energy level of play he would not be best suited for a family with very young kids.

This cutie boy will not be around our rescue long so if you are interested in him let us know right away!