Cooper came to us a stray and we’re estimating him to be about 5 years ol
Cooper loves every person and dog he meets. He is a very affectionate guy and wants nothing more to be your lap dog. He has done well with children and is cat friendly too!

Cooper is crate trained like a pro.

Cooper is slightly visually impaired. He has a slight sheen and cloudy look to his eyes. Our vet doesn’t believe it is anything to worry about, but he does have some issues seeing in the dark and bumps into objects more than the average dog. This doesn’t stop him and he navigates just fine.

Cooper does super on the leash and loves taking walks. Long walks and riding in the car are some of his favorite pastimes.

He can get a little mouthy when he wants to play, but is easily redirected with a toy (bones and tennis balls are his favorites.

Are you ready to give Cooper his forever home?