Cliff is an 18 month old Black and Tan dobe that has spent some time with a behaviorist/trainer and what a lovely guy he turned out to be. All he needed (just like ALL Doberman) was a good (40 min) morning/walk & run, short run in the evening, lots of bones & chew toys & a little bit of Leadership. Medium energy & would do well with a dog of the same energy level.
Now that the new novelty of the cats has worn off, he is great with them, dogs, people, kids. At 18 months all the hard work is done and the enjoyment begins.

Cliff is comfortably crate trained & needs to be crated if you leave him at home because he will get into stuff. TIME & a dog friend will cure this, he has made great strides in the short time he has been in training.
Cliff is a typical Velcro Dobie, always part of your shadow and would be a great addition to virtually any home.