Clementine is now used to the dobermans of the household, at times she will even engage them in a little kitty play time.  But like any cat when she is done she lets the dogs know.

Clementine is also getting used to having cats around.  If they leave her alone she is happy.  However if they try to get bossy with her, Clementine will yell to get the other cat to run away.  Never wants to get into a scuffle.


Are you looking for the perfect lap cat? Then Clementine is your girl! A great work from home companion too, she is “helpful” at computer work. Clementine also enjoys watching the birds and squirrels from a perch inside. She had her days outside and now it’s a strictly indoor life for her. Clementine has met cats and dogs in her foster home and is learning to get along with other cats but at this point prefers to be an only pet. She could probably get used to others but will take some time and patience. We are estimating Clementine to be about 3 to 5 years old, came to us spayed and checked out healthy at the vet otherwise. We will adopt her to an indoor home only. If interested please visit our website and submit a cat application.