My name is Charlie and I am going to steal your heart, and then steal your pillow and perhaps even your blanket!   Life is all fun and games with me and I hope you understand that I am still a youngster who doesn’t know all the rules.    I’m about a year old and was a sick, emaciated and sad boy that found myself in a SC shelter.  A nice group of people got me out of that place real quick and now my life is awesome!  I’m gaining weight and once I get neutered, I’m ready to find a forever family of my own.    I have lots of youngster energy and am learning some manners, but will need to go to an obedience class to make me a better dog.  Playtime and toys are my favorite things! Sometimes I will help with household chores, like sorting laundry (basically taking it out of the basket) and moving stuff to new locations in the house, plus sometimes finding things that may have been lost.  I’m already great at being a Velcro Doberman and know how to snuggle and let you rub my belly and long silky ears.    Being on a leash is something that I can somewhat tolerate and hope that you will show me how to not be so scared of it.  I love taking car rides and meeting new people and other dogs.  My foster mom says that I am really gentle and listen really well and have nothing but love to give.    Great with other dogs.  Crate trained.  Needs help with housebreaking.  Would be good for a running partner or agility work.  Children ok.  Cats unknown (will be cat tested if needed).