Cammy has made great strides since she first came to our rescue. She has now gained weight and is looking a lot healthier and happier.
Cammy has been in training for 3 weeks and is enjoying the attention she gets while doing her obedience work. She will need a new family that is willing to commit to keeping up with her training.
Cammy did not receive any, or at least very little, training in her younger years, so this is all new for her. Luckily Dobies are very smart and quick learners! On the other hand, like many dobie girls, she is head strong and wants to do things only her way some times.
If introduced properly Cammy is fine with other dogs that are not wanting to dominate her. She is fine with cats, even the bossy ones!

If anyone in or around the Louisville area adopts Cammy, her trainer is willing to give you a free in home training lesson. Kevin, at Head over Heel training, loved working with Cammy and wants to make sure she can make a smooth transition into a new home and continue with her training.

If you’re interested in meeting Cammy for adoption, foster to adopt or just foster, please complete the application. If you have any further questions about her, please feel free to email us at





Cammy is 7 years old but don’t let that number fool you because she still feels like she is a puppy.  Loves her people and wants to always be by your side.  Despite her size she believes she is a lap dog, but that is a trait many dobies have!

Cammy was left at a shelter because her owners said she had been sick and not eating for days.  We are assuming they did not have the means to get her to a vet and the shelter was the only option.  She had been kept in a garage and we think she may have ingested a cleaning agent and that made her digestive system all off.  But Cammy has been vet checked and is a healthy girl or will be once she gets to her proper weight.  When we got Cammy she weighed just under 50lbs and she should be anywhere from 60 to 65lbs.

Cammy is cat friendly and can get along with most dogs.  Being a Mamma dog several times in her life has made Cammy the boss of the house, a Mom’s work is never done!  So she would not do best in a household with another dominant dog.   We do not know how she would be around children so we would not adopt her out to a home with very young kids.

Cammy pulls very strongly on a leash and that is more than likely because no one ever really taught her proper leash manners.  An obedience class would be a great learning experience for Cammy and a wonderful way for her to bond with her new family.