My name is Bo. Let me tell you my story of how I ended up homeless at age 8! Up until recently, I lived in a home with a family. They moved and didn’t think that they had time to deal with me, so I spent some time with a new family who didn’t want me after all, and then finally went to a shelter. Now I’m in a foster home hoping that I can find that forever family who will let me unpack my bags and stay for long while. I’m a really mellow dude and I like other dogs, kids and even cats. I am a little clingy and like to sit next to you on the couch, or at your feet. I’m housebroken, crate trained (but I prefer the couch or a big comfy pile of blankets that I can arrange before I plop down), plus know basic commands. You can easily walk me on a leash or let me roam while you work in the garden. I like car rides if you can help me get into the car. Or you can leave me at home since I don’t have any anxiety about being left alone and will just find a quiet corner to take a long nap if you’re gone. My back legs are getting a little weak and I have a clumsy walk sometimes. I have fatty tumors and some gray in my muzzle. All these add to my wonderful character. I am friendly to everyone and since I am a gentleman, I will not give you a tongue bath or jump on you while introducing myself. I’m tall and lean….just the perfect height to have you constantly petting me. I can even sing a little and will try to carry a tune when I sleep.