This is Blaze, an awesome dog and a very good boy! Blaze was unceremoniously dropped off at a shelter by a young couple who moved in together, paid big bucks for a dog, and then split up the whole family before the dog was one year old :-(

But Blaze doesn’t mind! He is very happy, and definitely a puppy, yet he is a very soft dog with a great temperament. He takes treats gently, and is very good in his crate (but would much rather be with you). He is still a bit mouthy and jumpy, and considers most everything a toy, but he can settle well in the house if he’s had the exercise this working dog needs. He appears to be housebroken, and knows ‘sit’ and ‘shake’ (so far). He is one of those shy, quiet types but he has a good bark on him when he has something to say and an adorable grumble when I’m not moving fast enough for him ??

There are many things Blaze is finding new to him in the short time we’ve had him. If he’s out walking the neighborhood and someone opens a garage door, he has to stand there and watch to see what happens next! He was also unfamiliar with stairs and wood floors and he is still getting used to both in his foster home. Traffic can also surprise him, especially anything BIG. He is so cute to watch as he becomes more socialized and accustomed to the world.

He appears to be very interested in other dogs we’ve passed on his walks and but we will need to dog test him more as we get to know him better.

All of our dogs are in foster homes and are available to meet by appointment only and only after an application has been completed.