Blaze is a gorgeous red Doberman that is docked and cropped. He has a beautiful traditional ear crop with full mobility. He was found as an emaciated stray so we do not know his history. He is estimated to be between one and three years old. He is acclimating to life as an indoor dog and blossoming in his foster home. He is now fully neutered and vaccinated but heartworm positive and in the process of treatment.

Blaze is very sweet and relatively high energy. He is an extremely brave and curious Velcro Doberman with a red goofy personality. He enjoys resting on the couch, eating, playing with toys and chewing on bones. He loves going on walks and continues to work on his leash skills.

He was not housebroken when he arrived and is now with supervision and close monitoring and scheduling. He does not like going outside by himself. He will wear a belly band for the times where needed, including overnight. He does go all night without wetting his belly band and expect that this will not be needed in the future. He is crate trained and strongly recommend using one when you are not home to keep him out of trouble. Sometimes he will nap in his crate during the day with door open.

He gets along with male and female dogs but can be pushy, which is not for all dogs. He currently lives with another female Doberman and likes to play with her and will try to engage with her anytime she is awake. She will tell him when she doesn’t want to be bothered and he will back off and leave her alone for a little while and then try again.

He would not do well with small children as he can easily knock them over when he gets excited.

He has a good recall He knows how to sit and we are working on ‘down’. He has not had much experience in the car.

If Blaze sounds like a good fit, please put in an application!