Archer came to us through a shelter who found him as a stray.  We can not understand why no one came looking for Archer because he is such a good, sweet boy.  Estimating Archer to be around 3 or 4 years old, which is a great age.  Still enough energy  to do many activities but also the crazy puppy stage is gone!

Archer is crate trained and working on his housetraining.  His fur is a bit sun faded, it appears he has been living outside more than he should have.  But Archer has checked out healthy at the vet.

We have had Archer around other dogs his size and he seems fine with them all, we have not tested him around smaller dogs.  He met an outside kitty and was a bit too interested but when he saw an inside cat that wasn’t moving he had no interest.  For the safety of everyone involved he would be best in a no cat home.

We have not had Archer around children but he should be fine with kids over the age of 7 years old.

UPDATE 6/6: Archer gets really attached to his people and wants to be with them so much, he will jump a 4′ fence to get to them.  Therefore he will need a 6′ fence or invisible fence.