Anna is an all natural fawn girl that is about a year and half old.  Came into our rescue with her sister Elsa.  Both were left in a shelter by their owner that no longer wanted to deal with them.

Sweet girls but have been left to figure out life on their own, so they are needing to learn some manners.  But since they are dobies they are smart and catching on quick.

Anna loves to play fetch and will even drop the ball when you tell her to.  But you do have to watch out what goes in her mouth because she has already figured out there is tasty clothing in the laundry hamper. Once she is acclimated to it Anna will make for an excellent running partner, she is very athletic.  Anna has also already learned sit and down.

Anna was living in a foster home with a smaller dog but she played a bit too rough and got bossy so she is now in a home with other dobies and a dog more her size and she is being respectful.

We have not cat tested Anna but since her sister failed that test we suspect she will too.

Anna has mastered housetraining and working on her crate training.  She will need a home with a physically fenced in yard.

We have not kid tested Anna but on a walk she did see children and barked at them, it may have been a bark to play but she did not get close enough to find out.

Do not wait to apply or you will miss out on this beautiful dobie girl.