This Handsome Hunk of Love is Alex, aka Captain Alex No Eyes!  This young boy is about 2-3 years old and was born without eyes.  He is a smart boy and loves to go on walks and loves to learn new things and is super proud of himself when he does!  Even though he cannot see, there are times you will swear that he can.  Like when he gazes soulfully into your eyes or watches you walk across a room (his hearing is phenomenal). Most people he encounters just see a big, beautiful boy and don’t even realize he is blind unless they take the time to stop and study his face.  Alex would like to be an only dog as his past life in an animal hoarder home paired w/his blindness has caused some anxiety issues we just haven’t been able to overcome yet.  He’s been super w/all people he has met, both adults and children, but a home without young children would probably be best.  His medication has helped his anxiety in the house 99%, but he will still occasionally have an anxiety attack. Don’t let all that scare you though because he is still your typical dorky dobie red boy who loves his toys, and cuddles, following you to the bathroom, and helping you cook.