Agnes is a wonderful girl with the cutest floppy ears that came to us from a shelter. The shelter and the vet feel she is around 7 years young. When she first came to us she was overweight and lethargic but blood work showed she was hypothyroid. After being on proper medication, she has lost weight and gained energy (and her coat has really improved as well) and now loves to run and play with her foster brother and sister. She gets along with the resident barn kitties but has shown to be a little too interested in kitties in the house so no kitties for her. She does not bother the horses in the pasture. She has been perfect in the house without any accidents and does not counter surf. She has decided that she is not a fan of the kennel but will go in easily -and will settle eventually but can be vocal for a little bit to let you know she would rather be with you. She loves to snuggle up to you on the couch or bed and rides well in the car.