UPDATE: Gracie has been spayed and ready for her new family to come along. She is much more relaxed in a crate but still prefers to be with her people. When you are not home crating is a good idea because she can get bored and start to investigate things that don’t belong to her, like your socks or a blanket that is left around. She will chew on those things so it is best to keep her safe. Housebreaking is coming along, only a few accidents if you don’t pick up on her subtle signs she needs to go out.

Gracie is a wonderful dobie girl that enjoys life and wants to share her joy with everyone she meets. There have been two little girls (as young as 5 years old) over to meet Gracie and she loved giving them kisses. She will be fine in a household with children but with her energy she may bump into little ones and could knock them over.



Gracie is a petite little ball of red dobie girl energy.  She was a stray so we don’t know much about her past other than she has been a Mommy dog several times over. Appears Gracie had pups recently and she is not able to be spayed yet but will be by the latter part of March and will be ready for her new family soon after.

Gracie is around 3 years old and loves everyone she meets.  Currently living with male and female Dobermans and several cats.  She loves to play crazy like a pup sometimes but then also loves to relax.  Gracie enjoys carrying around squeaky toys and flip them with her nose.  Maybe this reminds her of her pups she had in the past.

Gracie is not quite housetrained at the moment but working hard on learning.  We suspect she may have spent most of her time outside and never had to learn house training.  But like any Doberman, she is a smart cookie and will pick this up in no time.  She is good and has not yet tried to tear anything up in her foster home, which is a good thing because she is not a big fan of being in the crate.

Gracie will need a home with a fenced in yard.  A physical fence is always best but she would be candidate for someone with an invisible fence that is willing to slowly teach her the boundaries.

We have not had Gracie with children so we do not know how she will act with them.  But older children should be fine.

Gracie loves to go on walks and is a dream on a leash!

Once you meet Gracie she immediately wins you over.  With a little time and patience she will be the perfect dobie family member.